The following platforms for retail business go live in Nov 2018.

Learning and capability development 

  1. The Digital-First Retail Management Program aims to help retail professionals change their perspectives and mental models for managing a world of digital consumers. The Program is intensive, and the practical curriculum taught by academics and experienced industry professionals.
  2. Cultivating a Digital Retail Mindset. Advances in the digital space – social, mobile, or otherwise – are breaking down barriers to market entry making it easier for startups to nibble at market share, turning established business models on their heads, and offering new ways to engage with customers and employees.  Analysis suggests that a 5% decline in customer traffic contributes to a nearly 35% decline of Return on Capital Invested. This the Amazon effect. Each and every business executive needs to develop a digital retail mindset to identify and effectively respond to digital opportunities, which are greater than the threats. Traditional mindsets and frames of reference don't work. The goal of this program is to evoke a 'different' opportunity mindset and a 'distinct' way of thinking to realize the opportunity.