A 1000 Days Journey - Entrepreneur Journeys: The Crafting of Business

Social representation of entrepreneurship is naive. Successful entrepreneurs are visionaries, adept at identifying opportunity, planning, implementing and realizing the opportunity. The reality of business creation is very different. The way entrepreneurs work and think is a significant variable in the creation of a new business. The hypothesis of the book is that entrepreneurship is not only about ‘what’ successful entrepreneurs’ do, ‘who’ they are or ‘whom’ they know, but more importantly about ‘how’ they do it. The entrepreneurial process revealed in the interviews expands the potential of entrepreneurship. Methods of working and thinking are free resources accessible to everyone. Therefore, everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Read More

Sai Bhagvatham - Belief, Faith and Trust: The Transformative Journey of Man with God

Sai Bhagvatham is a story of man’s engagement with God. The book uses over a thousand personal spiritual experiences and anecdotes that record inner experiences of persons wrestling with their religious circumstances. The experiences, drawn from all religious traditions, are evocative of the operation of God in the experiences of man. The experiences with Sri Sathya Sai Baba are juxtaposed with the narratives of spiritual experiences recorded by seekers over the millennia. The diverse spiritual experiences taken together present a story of the transformation of man in the company of God. The use of human experiences as the basis of the characterization of engagement of man and God is similar to that taken by William James in the classic ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience.’ Read More